Monday, 27 February 2017

Partner introduction

Bead soup Partner intro. 

This year i told myself i was not going to enter the Bead soup swap!

Then Lori Anderson the wonderful founder of the Bead soup swap changed it up a gear!

This year we were encouraged to swap a bead that we have hoarded, something special that we kept popped in a box (in my case) that we might use one day (yeah right!)

So i jumped in and signed up and was partnered with Elaine Robitaille who makes the most fabulous beads and more from polymer clay!
 Her blog is here
And this is her face book page

This is the pixelated image of the bead/beads i sent Elaine.

Saturday, 28 January 2017


So in this post i am sharing some of my loves. Items i have made and found. Things that intrigue me. I adore nature and quirky items,toadstools delight me and miniatures are fascinating! I love the nature and all of its treasures. 
I love challenging myself to make tiny items.